and answers

Do you film always together?

Of course. The wedding film we make are unique, exclusives and tailor made 100% from us, from the shooting till the edition. That’s the reason why we commit with 15 couples per year to create the wedding films.  

Do you have any package?

Of course. You can contact us, we study the elements of your wedding and we will offer a quotation with all prices and packs personalized for you and according your needs.

Do you film elopements?

Yes, we think that this way it’s the most impressive and truly expressions of love. Declaring the love one in front the other in a nice landscape. We can film every look, every touch and those nice words you dedicate each other. We can’t promise not to cry, we are so sensitive.

Do you offer photo shooting as well?

No. but don’t hesitate to ask for any good recommendation, we have contacts with nice photographers, actually we have worked closer and we actually know their professionalism. It’s important that your photo and video memories would have a similar style, the look and the working mode. During your wedding day it’s important that we act like just one team.

How do you work the wedding day?

Our commitment is that you have to enjoy every single moment in your wedding day. Previously we can study all details regarding organization and place. Then forget that we are behind cameras and enjoy, it’s your big day!

Don’t worry for shootings, we are committed to film fresh images, those emotive moments without artificial play-acting. That’s why we always record using 2 cameras during all day, cinema HD quality, no tripod, no stabilizers. That’s an advantage to be part of the people around you, to go unnoticed, to be one guest more then getting closer fresh shoots. We’ll film different moments in a natural state.

When we would receive the film?

We want to work caring the project, consciousness, to care every single detail and engaging all what we do for you. That’s the reason why we need time enough to don’t forget any important moment.

We estimate that the film would be delivered up to 6 months. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask, write an email, call us or suggest a meeting to have a drink where you can explain your nice honey moon.

How to make the payments?

The payment of all services booked will be fragmented in 2 parts disclosed hereafter as such: 

50% booking to save the date and 50% during the wedding day or some days previous the date.

All these and other legal concerns (and boring) should be signed in a contract both parties, after the booking agreement to set well the rules.

Do you make weddings out of Spain?

We make films all over Spain, and yes, we film weddings around the world. Who is the one that doesn’t like to travel discovering new places and nice people?

Contact us, call us, tell us your story what’s your idea, the place and the celebration you have in mind.

We can record every single detail during your big day.

Do you film with drone?

Yes, we have a drone owned, but it’s not our priority. We like to be close to the couple and their guests to film everything. However, there are some places where drone could be used to get incredible images. We can discuss those records previously. We are committed to make the best memory from your wedding as much real and lively as possible.

Do you use the audio records in the wedding film?

Of course. The wedding is image, sound and music. We don’t conceptualize the video film in another way, including your words or the speech from family and friends. 

We mix always the 3 elements (image, voice and music) to get a perfect balance between feelings, passion, sensibility making your wedding film the best memory ever.