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Preguntas y respuestas

Absolutely. Our films are unique, exclusive, and 100% created by us, from the tracking to the filming and editing. That is why, as dedicated filmmakers, we will only be with 15 couples a year to create their wedding film.
Certainly. Get in touch with us, and after reviewing the characteristics of your wedding, we will send you our quote with prices and packages fully customized to your needs.
Yes, and we find it to be one of the purest and most beautiful expressions of love between two people, declaring their love for each other in some beautiful place. We will film each look and the beautiful words you dedicate to each other. Also, we can’t promise we won’t cry; we’re quite sentimental.
No. But feel free to ask us for recommendations, and we will provide you with the names of professionals we like or with whom we have already worked or work with often. It is very important that your memories (photos and videos) have a similar style both in appearance and in the way of working. On the wedding day, we form the same team.

Our goal is for you to enjoy every moment. We will have previously studied the organization and the area down to the smallest detail. So forget that we are behind the cameras. It’s your day!

Don’t worry about posing; our job is to capture the freshest and most emotional images without any artifice. That’s why we film with two cameras throughout the day, in cinematic HD quality but without tripods or stabilizers. This allows us to blend in with the crowd, go unnoticed, be one of the guests, and get closer shots. We will capture moments in their most natural state.

We like to work conscientiously, taking care of every detail and dedicating ourselves fully to what we do, so we need enough time to ensure that not even the smallest detail escapes us. Therefore, we estimate that deliveries will be made starting from six months after the celebration. During those months, don’t hesitate to write to us, call us, or propose a meal to tell us about your honeymoon.

The payment for the contracted services will be made in two installments as follows:

50% is required to secure the date reservation, and the remaining 50% is due on the day of the wedding or during the week prior to the celebration.

All of this, along with other legal (and boring) matters, will be formalized in a contract signed by both parties at the time of booking to ensure everything is tied up securely.

Yes, we specialize in creating videos for destination weddings or Destination Weddings. We love capturing the beauty and emotion of weddings that take place in special locations around the world. We are excited to be part of your special day wherever you choose to celebrate it!
Yes, we have drones, but it’s not our priority. We like to be close to the couples and their guests to not miss anything. However, there are places where it’s worth capturing some aerial shots, so we will plan these shots in advance. Our goal is to create the most vivid and real memory possible.
Of course. A wedding is image, voice, and music! We don’t understand the video memory any other way than by remembering your words or those of your friends and family. We always measure these three elements (image, voice, and music) so that in a perfect balance of rhythm, emotion, passion, and sensitivity, they create your movie and the best memory for the future.

Unique moments

We are proud to create products that leave our couples content, yet what sets us apart is the personalized attention and tranquility we provide to them.