yannick & mike


These two boys stole our hearts. Their happiness, family and friends and the love between them made the wedding difficult to forget. They come from Switzerland, although part of Yannick family are from Spain. This cultural combination was a great mix of different languages. The journey started with a nice walk in the small streets from Sevilla, tascas, squares, fountains. They get dressed in a country side house outside Sevilla, where by the way, in that house the day after wedding some vip guest enjoyed an incredible pool party (paellas & sangria included). The wedding was in the beautiful Hacienda los Angeles, in one of the exterior patio. After the ceremony an incredible walk in all beautiful places form this Hacienda surrounded by trees, affective words, cheers, games and karaoke. The party? We stayed until the end, no more comments.

yannick & mike sevilla