That's how

We are

That's how

We are


We are Edu and Bea

If it’s not clear so far, we are also couple and partners in crime. if your question is: are you all time together 24/7? Yes, and are you still full in love passionately? Yes, we are!

Our love story starts in Barcelona. After some stressful time in this vibrant city working in an office, we decided to start a new life project in the south of Spain, still close to the sea.

Nowadays we live in Conil de la Frontera (or as we said, our little paradise) a white village in the Cadiz coast.

We live close to the sea and we are working to tell true love stories from all around the world.

Hi, this is Edu


I was born in a city close to Barcelona.

I’m audiovisual passionate, illustration and design lover.

I’m a consumer of lots humor items, like stand up, movies, late night shows, radio shows, everything is fine as far as I make fun with it.

If there is something that I’m totally addict, that’s the sea and surf. It’s uncountable how many hours I’ve spent watching waves, wind, tides forecast and also to check the beach stats.

I like to enjoy with my family, I love spending time with my friends, family, some beers and food around. FOOD, my delight: Indian, Mexican, from all around the world, with vegetables, legumes, pasta. But, give me some food to taste!

Animación de copas brindando.
wedding videographer destination in spain
wedding videographer destination in spain
Animación de planta moviéndose.

Hi, this is Bea

Books, art and chocolate

I was born in a city facing the sea, Cadiz, that’s why for me it’s impossible to live far from this place.

I consider myself super sensitive, always with lots of books around me trying to learn from them new things.

I’m Chocolate lover, loving my living place (Conil), I’m always seeking for quality moments and interesting conversations.

My notebook travels with me, if match with a good coffee in a nice place, then I’m the happiest person in the world.

I dream to have a dog, If I have it the name would be “Puchero”.

Create a new memory through the creativity, then provoke a good emotion, that’s the present for me. I’m passionate with all what I do and I try to reflect it in my films.